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Since starting my business in the summer of 2023 I've had a chance to work on a few projects. I'm incredibly lucky to have had such incredible clients, and I look forward to working with you next!

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Centre [3] 

If you already don't know of Centre [3], I'm happy to tell you that they're not only an incredible institution for emerging artist, but easily one of my favourite clients to work with. This project was initiated for the purpose of creating a 3D Accessibility map for visitors to pre-plan their trip to Centre [3].


Lincoln Museum

At the Lincoln Museum and Culture Centre, I had the opportunity to collaboratively design an interactive. The result was a flip-book reader rail that supports up to 5 panels. Each panel was uniquely built to allow for removal, creating 5 individual panels that can be wall mounted or fixed to the rail. 

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Museums of Niagara

The Museums of Niagara Association represents several institutions in the Niagara Region—museums, heritage sites, and galleries alike. I'm thrilled to be a part of their rebranding journey, and look forward to the eventual launch of a website. At this point, I'm working closely with MONA to establish a logo.

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