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Working together.

Museums play a critical role in our society, both as a safe place to learn and as a third-place for families and visitors to come together. That's why I started Mintchev Design, so that I can do my part to help museums of all shapes and sizes succeed. My consulting services are designed to help smaller institutions recover from the decreased visitor traffic caused by the pandemic—to help grow their audiences, and find their footing again. In a span of 3-4 years, the roles of institution staffers have become far more generalized, cumbersome, and limited. For larger institutions it means that projects slow down, resident staff is retrained on new roles, and visitor experience begins to diminish as the demand for engagement isn't being met. For smaller institutions, this means that one person is now doing the job of two other people who no longer work in the sector.

Now more than ever our sector needs affordable, dignified, and flexible consulting. It needs support that is entirely collaborative, rather than transactional. It's about making personable connections, building lasting friendships along the way, and supporting that 'one person' team with whatever their institution may need.

Here's what I do:

No job is too small, and everything I do is scalable. From simple brochure design requests to project leading, I have the skillset and the network to tackle just about any job. With a tight network of trades, fabricators, developers, and installers, there's no job too custom that I can't tackle.


Should you surprise me nevertheless, I'd be happy to share my network of talented professionals that might better fit the bill, so don't hesitate to reach out and book a free initial consultation.


Let's tell a Story.

Exhibit Design | Narrative Design

The Devil's in the Data.

Visitor Experience Research

Bringing your ideas to life.

2D | 3D | Sketch | Fabrication

Who are you?

Branding | Style Guides | Graphic Design


The simple method behind my consulting

Each project is unique, and no two institutions operate the same. To that end, my consultation process is entirely flexible and designed to foremost identify your pain points before we even start talking about costs and scope. The initial consultation is about thinking big​—the rest of the process is about honing that "big" idea into something tangible and suitable to your museum.


Analysis & Research

Creating data that we can both use to identify opportunities. 



Crafting tailored solutions that align with your goal and the data.



Creating impactful, lasting results.


Staying Connected

Monitoring and providing support as needed

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"Working with Mintchev Design was a great experience for the Lincoln Museum. Andrey's keen eye for design and engaged approach helped create an engaging and high-quality exhibition interactive".

Jessica Wilson, ON

Lincoln Museum & Culture Centre

Don't be a stranger!

The first consultation is always free, so let's get in touch and see how Mintchev Design can support you today.

Feel free to directly contact me if website bookings aren't your thing:

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